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Manila: Insigne e siempre leal Ciudad


Inasmuch as we have been informed by the council and by the judicial and executive departments of the city of Manila, in the island of Luzon of the West, that the citizens and inhabitants of the said city have served us with much faithfulness and loyalty, and have endured great hardships; and that, after the said island was discovered and pacified, and the said city founded therein, the governor, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, in our name, gave to the latter the title and designation Insigne e siempre leal Ciudad (“Distinguished and Ever Loyal City”), and to the said island of Luzon that of Nuevo Reyno de Castilla (“New Kingdom of Castille”); and inasmuch as supplication has been made to us, for the greater welfare of the said city and the perpetual remembrance of the services of its citizen, that we order the confirmation of the said title Insigne e siempre leal Ciudad de Manila, and to the said island of Luzon that of Nuevo Reyno de Castilla, and that it might be our will that they be so designated and named, or however else might be our pleasure: now therefore, we, after careful consideration of the above, and of the good and loyal services that the said city and its citizens have rendered us, do regard favorably the above supplication; and by the present we do confirm and approve…We do consent that the said city of Manila bear forever the designation and title Insigne e siempre leal, and the said island of Luzon that of Nuevo Reyno de Castilla, which we, by this, our decree grant as title and appellation, with leave and permission to be so designated and called as abovesaid, and to place the same on any or all documents that are drawn up and contracted, and on all letters that are written. And we do hereby order the same, under our hand and seal, and with the confirmation of my Council of the Indies.

21 June, 1574

Mula sa: Felipe II, “Two Royal Decrees Regarding Manila and Luzon” (Madrid: June 21, 1574), in Emma H. Blair and James A. Robertson (eds.), The Philippine Islands, 1493-1898 (Cleveland: The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1903), Vol. 3, pp. 250-251.

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