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Herculaneum: the unknown city


A city older than Pompeii

British Museum blog

Herculaneum: the unknown city Vanessa Baldwin, exhibition project curator, British Museum

For many people visiting the exhibition, Life and Death Pompeii and Herculaneum, it may be the first time they have encountered the smaller city which lay west of Mount Vesuvius.

While Pompeii became a household name, immortalised in books, television and cinema, Herculaneum has remained relatively unknown in popular culture. In the exhibition we felt it was important to show why Herculaneum is just as important as its famous neighbour. The cities were destroyed by the same catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79, yet at different times and under different circumstances. For these reasons Herculaneum differed from Pompeii, not only in its life as a smaller coastal city, but also in the incredible things that were preserved there. As a result it has different stories to tell.

Herculaneum was actually the first of the two cities to be re-discovered in…

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Mga Pitong Katotohanan sa Mundo


1. Mata mo lang ang hindi mo kayang sabunin.
2. Hindi mo kayang bilangin ang buhok mo.
3. Bakit mahirap huminga pag nakalabas ang dila?
4. Sinubukan ng mga uto-uto ang #3.
5. Naisip mo na nagmukha kang aso nang sinubukan mo.
6. Mapapangiti ka mdahil nauto kita.
7. Ipasa mo ito para makaganti ka.